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Accurate and Reliable Bookkeeping

The success of your business depends on having accurate information. How much money your customers owe you, the amount of taxes you pay, and how profitable your business is all rely on having accurate figures and a knowledgeable interpreter.

Let's face it, small business owners want to do what they do best -- manage their businesses and make them grow. That's why using One Plus One makes sense ... bookkeeping is what we do best. Here's how we help you run and grow your business.

accurate and reliable bookkeeping is as easy as one plus one

You get accurate, timely financial information

This leaves you free time to focus on your core strengths and responsibilities.

You get consistent bookkeeping services

Yet you don't have the worries of staff turnovers, vacations, and sick leaves.

You get the experience of a full-charge bookkeeper / accountant

And you don't have to pay the high costs of benefits.

You get the knowledge and experience of a QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Your know that your books are accurate and complete.

You avoid costly errors

Tax laws are always changing, and accurate and effective bookkeeping takes time and knowledge. You are more effective in your business when you devote the time to your primary responsibilities.

You get consistent bookkeeping services and monthly financial reports to review

This allows you to react in a timely manner to problems creeping into your business.

You get peace of mind

You can count on all your accounts being reconciled to the penny on a monthly basis, allowing you to know exactly where your business stands.

Call Jeanne George today to set up an appointment, and let's get your books and business where they should be.